Top Reasons Why You Should Have a pet dog

“No Man is an Island”

This statement has been a cliché and people believe that it only points out that every person needs somebody. However, it is a reality that not all people need a somebody. Some people need a companion that does not need to be human. Some of them have animal companions called pets.

 There are so many animals to choose from but one of the most common choices still belong to the one considered as man’s best friend and that is the dog. So, if you are thinking of having a pet, here are the reasons why you should have a dog.

First, dogs are loyal animals. As many people believe that dogs are descended from the wolves. Wolves come from a pack and indeed it is true that if you mess with one of the wolves, you mess up with the pack. Likewise, dogs have the same belief. Dogs think that their human owners are members of their pack and therefore they would do everything for him or for her.

Second, dogs keep humans healthy. There are studies associated with children having been exposed to pets and animals, are to develop asthma less likely compared to those who are not exposed at all. Moreover, there are also a lot of people who treat dogs as their companions. In this way, the people are healthy mentally and socially. In addition, there are some dogs which are companions of children with autism and even some individuals who are visually impaired.

Third, dogs help humans to be physically active and more sociable. There are so many people who own dogs. Probably, most of the household in one area are dog owners or pet owners. There are so many instances where dog owners of the same breed or just simply dog owners meet up and tackle about their experiences and share what they have done to resolve problems about their dogs. Also, dogs need walks at least three times a week. In this case, owners also get a chance to move around and move some muscles. Other owners even take their dogs for a jog or for a run.

Lastly, dogs put smiles on the faces of people. There are some actions that dogs do that are genuinely funny and can make people laugh. Moreover, since dogs are considered to be companions they surely bring happiness and joy especially if moments are shared with their favorite people on earth.

In summary, having a pet is a great choice but it entails a lot of responsibility. If you are choosing a pet, having a dog is a great choice because they are good and loyal companions. They keep people healthy in all aspects. They keep people physically active and they also keep people in a circle of friends. Lastly, dogs make people feel warm and happy. Indeed, dogs are men’s best friend and it will be that way before, until now, and will continue in the future.