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Best Dog Carrier Backpacks – A Comprehensive Review

Do you love hiking, cycling, camping, or taking walks around the neighborhood? Well, it would certainly be more fun bringing your adorable pet dog alongside. 

You would do him a huge favor considering dogs are pretty many social animals and enjoy the companion of their owners. 

To make the experience, even more, fun, it would be great if you carry him along in a dog carrier backpack. 

The dog carrier back packs are pretty much similar to those baby carriers, only that the design is different. 

The carrier backpacks are perfect for small and medium-sized dog breeds (larger breeds would be too heavy to carry around). 

Now there are many types of dog carrier backpacks which come in different styles and designs. You need to select one that best suits your dog regarding comfort, safety, and one that fits your specific needs. 

To help you choose the best with ease, we have reviewed three best dog carrier backpacks.

1. Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carrier Backpack

At first glance, you will fall in love with this carrier backpack. 

The Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carrier Backpack is an ergonomically designed carrier ideal for smaller breeds and can support up to 15lbs. 

Sturdily built for excellent comfort and safety, this carrier makes it easier to carry your dog during all your outdoor adventures. It’s simple yet sophisticated design helps you feel more confident with your dog while going for hiking, cycling, and even daily walks.

They designed the bag with four mesh windows for ventilation and visibility (your dog can enjoy the outdoor view as well).

When it comes to safety, support, and comfort, this backpack offers just that. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps with padding for comfort and chest straps that help secure the bag, keeping your dog safe and secure while on the move.

Cleaning the carrier is a breeze, thanks to the removable bottom cover. There is also a soft fleece mat that provides superior comfort for your dog.

For hassle free storage, this backpack packs and ships flat.


• Provides superior comfort and support

• Features a light and sturdy construction- built to last

• Flexible 

• Supports pets weighing up to 15lbs

• Offers excellent ventilation

• Easy to carry

• Incredibly easy to clean

• Easy to store


• Some customers have complained that the mesh is not as durable as purported 

• Some customers have complained that the lower back padding isn’t enough

• Some dogs didn’t fit in the carrier, despite taking their measurements


2. Pet Gear I-G02 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier

There is everything to love about the Pet Gear I-G02 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier. 

First, you will be happy to know that you are not only purchasing a backpack, but you are also getting a roller bag, a carrier, a tote, and a car seat. It also features a telescoping handle with wheels to function as a rolling case.

It’s virtually a 5-in-1 dog carrier back pack designed to provide you with convenience while taking your pet dog along to your travels.

It will not only keep your dog comfortable but also safe throughout your adventures.

As an adjustable backpack, it’s also designed to accommodate your cat.

The sides of this pack are expandable which provides additional space and comes with two storage pouches for keeping your dog’s extras. 

Included is a tether for attaching to your dog’s harness for added safety. With the telescoping handle, you carry it just like a suitcase. 

It also features a window mesh at the back which gives your dog a great view and for ventilation. It comes with a removable plush pad for easy cleaning

It’s lightweight and sturdily built and will go a long way to keep your pet safe and comfortable while keeping your hands free.


Keeps your dog safe and comfortable

• Flexible- can be used in 5 different ways

• Window mesh provides excellent view and great ventilation

• Lightweight and sturdily built

• Provides additional storage and expandable for comfort

• Easy to carry, thanks to the telescopic handle

• Easy to clean and store


• Some customers complain about it being too heavy- probably because of the handle and wheels

• Too big for some people


3. Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier

Take your pet dog with you on your hiking, cycling, or camping trips with the Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier

Featuring a rugged design and sturdy construction (constructed with 100% polyester), this carrier is built to last. It’s made with high-quality components, not to mention self-locking zippers for long-term use.

The carrier features comfortable shoulder straps for hands-free carrying.

The carrier includes some extra side pockets for additional storage- you can store dog treats, medical supplies, and even some personal belongings. 

There is an optional mesh tent designed for ventilation and allowing your dog to enjoy the surroundings as well. 

It’s easy to clean, thanks to its removable berber mat which also provides additional comfort. 

It’s one dog carrier backpack that will keep your dog safe and comfortable while keeping your hands free.


• It’s a hands-free carrier

• Provides superior comfort and support for your dog

• Easy and comfortable to carry

• Lightweight and durable

• Provides excellent ventilation and visibility for your pet

• Provides additional storage space for essentials

• Easy to clean

• Smart design


• Some customers have complained that it’s not wide enough to accommodate some dogs

• There have been complaints about it being too expensive for the quality

So there you have it. Choosing the right K9 Sport Sack dog carrier backpack will be a much easier task. Your outdoor adventures will be more fun with your companion alongside you!