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Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Everybody loves a small dog. Small dogs are incredibly friendly, adorable and extremely cute looking. More and more people are willing to buy a small dog breed, and this trend is expected to be even more popular as they make great family dogs In the following article, we will debate that, and we will present you the smallest dog breeds in the world.

5) Pug – 5 to 9 kilograms

Pugs are a tinier version of a bulldog. However, they are not related to them, and pugs are a pure breed. They are known for their deep wrinkled round face and their short legs. Also, they have a curly tail, rounded eyes and small ears. Despite their appearance, pugs are very receptive, sensitive, and easily trained. If trained properly, they are very social and will interact well with other pets/family members or even strangers. They’re very similar to French Bulldogs

4) Papillon – 3 to 5 kilograms 

Even though Papillons are not as popular as other breeds, they are very loyal and cute looking dogs. Their “Papillon” name comes from French, and it means butterfly. It’s inspired of course, by their butterfly-like ears. They don’t grow larger than 11 inches, and that makes them ideal as apartment pets, but not only. Papillons are a sociable breed, but they need to be walked daily, especially when they are puppies. If properly trained, they will prove to be very active and affectionate.

3) Pomeranian – 2 to 4 kilograms 

This dog breed is one of the most famous in the world. People love them, mostly because of their fluffy hair and their small sharp ears. Because of their size, they can be taken anywhere and carried in a small bag. Still, they are very nimble and will follow their master anywhere. Pomeranians are very friendly dogs, and they love to be around people and to interact with them. They are incredible ‘diligent” and will bark at anything that seems suspicious. If you want to maintain their coat in good shape, a daily brushing is a must.

2) Yorkshire Terrier – 2 to 3 kilograms 

Yorkshire Terriers are beloved most, for their long and shiny hair. They are known for their small head, long V-shaped ears, and black eyes. Their hair can be either tan or steel blue. Yorkshires are mostly an indoor breed because they are sensitive to temperature variations. However, they will behave well when taken outside and will interact well with other dogs or persons.

1) Chihuahua – 1 to 2 kilograms 

With a maximum weight of 2 kilos, Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world As a particularity, they have a small round head, sharp ears, and short hair. Usually, they are very curious as puppies, and they will want to interact with humans and other pets. For a proper behavior, they have to be trained and taken outside, even from their early days. They like to be helpful, and they will bark when they see suspicious things.


Even the smallest dog breeds in the world can represent an excellent companion and why not, a reliable watchdog. If trained properly, they will become affectionate, sociable and extremely friendly pets, ready to please their master.

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Jack Russell Terrier – The Facts Every Owner of This Dog Breed Should Know

Originally bred in the 19th century by Parson Jack Russell, an avid hunter, selected traits that would assist him in hunting. Working dogs, Jack Russell Terriers were bred to be fearless and feisty to flush out prey from the forest, particular foxes. As a working dog, Jack Russell Terriers tend to have an athletic build and boundless energy. Jack-Russell-Terriers are very intelligent, but also willful and stubborn, which can make them extremely difficult to train without consistency.

As a hunting and working dog, Jack Russell Terriers do have the hunting instinct in them and have been known to consider smaller household pets prey. However, this does not mean that they cannot be good family pets. Jack-Russell-Terriers are usually very good with children and gentle with them if they understand how to approach dogs. Jack Russell Terriers live 15 years or more. They grow to an average 10 to 12 inches in height and 14 to 18 pounds in weight. Jack-Russell-Terriers have several different types of coats of the shorthaired variety (some are smooth, some are not) but all are easy to maintain with regular brushing.

Jack-Russell-Terriers are suited for all kinds of living but do need to be exercised regularly, at least once a day, due to their seemingly boundless energy. Without regular opportunities to exercise and play, they will become bored and begin to bark at everything and become destructive. If a Jack Russell Terrier must be left alone for an extended period without the opportunity to exercise, you should crate them until it is possible for them to exercise.

JRTs are very energetic dogs and require a lot of exercises. Both the rough coat and smooth coat JRTs shed hair and should regularly be groomed. Because of their small size, many owners make the mistake of thinking they will be low-maintenance, “apartment” dogs. They get a rude awakening when they find their dog doing laps around their apartment, tearing up their couches out of boredom when they go out! Jack Russells need to plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to keep their minds busy. They are most likely not a very good candidate for any of the bags in our dog carrier backpack review.

JRTs are known to have a cheeky character, and many of their owners describe them as being “little devils.” Some of the common problem behaviors that crop up with JRTs are aggression and guarding resources, barking, jumping up on people, hyperactivity and digging. However, most of these problems emerge because owners don’t know how to train this breed and how they should be treating their JRT. Some owners try to pamper their dog too much and treat it like a baby, but with a JRT, this can often lead to the dog losing respect for the owner. JRTs need firm but loving leadership from their owners.

They are intensely loyal dogs and often get very attached to one person in the family. On the flipside of this, they can sometimes be territorial and wary of strangers. They are fast learners and can be trained to do all sorts of tricks. JRTs have achieved fame for all kinds of talents. Some have starred in TV shows and movies. There’s even a JRT that paints abstract art, and one that can ride a surfboard!

Of course, this isn’t everything about Jack Russell Terriers that there is to know. This breed is brilliant and complex – there’s too much information to pack into one short article, but this gives you the basics of what the JRT is all about. If you want to know more about them, you will need to find some useful resources and study them further.

Make sure your pet terrier gets outside often so that it can run off some of its energy and you can do some training with them. Don’t keep JRTs confined or ignore them as this will make your pet Jack Russell unhappy, which could lead to destructive behavior and might even cause aggression towards people.

Everything You Need to Know About the French Bulldog

Brief History

The French Bulldog emanated in England as little English Bulldogs. In the 1860s, The French dog breeders transferred a number of the pets to Great British breeders whereby the crossbred them with Terriers of France. France had a strong affection for these dogs. This explains how the name “French Bulldog” emerged. When the breed made its way to Britain, there was a huge conflict regarding the name because the Bulldog was a symbol of English culture.

Although not as popular as their English counterparts, French Bulldogs can turn out to be a fine addition to any family’s home even though they are much smaller dogs. French Bulldogs have a familiar stocky look to them, which is what you would expect from a Bulldog, but they usually only weigh thirty pounds at the most. An online French Bulldog puppies breeder will tell you that this kind of dog is a descendent’s of the bull terrier and it is a breed that requires a lot of attention from their owner.

The Average Lifespan of a Frenchie

The average lifespan of this great breed ranges between 12 and 14 years. After this period, the dogs become weak and die.

Frenchie Characteristics

The greatest indicator that the dog you are looking at is a French Bulldog is their bat ears. Their ears are large and wide near the bottom and smaller at the top, making them look like bat ears. Much like any other purchase, there are plenty of things you need to think about before searching for French Bulldog puppies for sale online.

The greatest unique thing to remember about French Bulldogs is that they love attention and they can never get enough of it. They love playing with people and with each other, so these dogs are perfect for individuals with a lot of energy and who like to be very active. If you are looking at French Bulldog puppies, just make sure that you will be able to keep up with the needs of the dog because this kind of dog is not a good match for lazy, boring people. They say people should always share the personality of their dog. That fact rings even truer for French Bulldogs because of some hours they stay active over the course of an entire day.

These dogs are also much stronger than they look, so you should always use caution when letting them loose around small children. Provided that you don’t get rough with your French Bulldog puppies, they won’t get rough with you. They are a lovable breed of dog, and all the want to do is play all day. The are great Family Dog.

One of our favorite things to do is to carry them in backpacks on our travels.
Health Concerns

This breed has rather strange and peculiar proportions of their body, which makes regulating their body temperature quite a challenge. This explains why these dogs are best kept indoors. Here, the temperature is more regulated, and you don’t have extreme heat or extreme cold. If they are outside, make sure to keep them in the shade when the sun is beating down because they can get overheated rather quickly.

French Bulldogs are great companions from day one. They are known for being more like a friend than a dog because they will always be at your side no matter what. Anyone who needs a companion for themselves or their entire family couldn’t go wrong with getting a new dog from one of the many online French Bulldog breeders.